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Long Way Home
Max's new "roots" album, rated #5 on NBT's Top Albums of 2012!

The product of a lifetime exploring the mysteries of nature and the human heart, Long Way Home was released December 5, 2012 and has already been rated one of the Top Albums of 2012 by NBT Music Radio! Album track "The Sheep" made #9 on NBT's Top Tracks.

CDs are on sale at Silver City's Curious Kumquat and are also available from Amazon On Demand.

"After releasing my first two-album retrospective, I found myself in the uncomfortable role of self-promoter, with little time for creative work. From time to time, I started a new track, with no goal in mind but to have some fun: an experimental electronic instrumental, an old-timey bluegrass number, a retro folk-rocker. Life kept throwing obstacles in my path, and I wondered when this random accumulation would lead to another album.

"Finally, early in the summer of 2012, I sat down and experimented with playlists: different combinations of the random tracks from the past two years. Eventually I settled on a partial grouping which still had some gaps, and searched my catalog to fill in those gaps with complementary pieces: Moundbuilding, Seahorses, Tailspin, and the new title piece Long Way Home. Now the pressure was on, but I only had a day or two each month to work on music, and I struggled for the rest of the summer to solve creative problems in the new arrangements, until October when I was free to focus on finishing the album.

"I think of Long Way Home as the conservative side of my repertoire; the next album will showcase more electronic and experimental music along with the rock and jazz influences that dominated Take Me Up."

Track notes & lyrics:


3.1 & 2.4

The Rifted Valley

Mail Order Seahorses



The Sheep

Long Way Home

Yellow Mud

Copyright © 1981-2012 Max Carmichael

"Your best yet!"

Martin Smit, NBT Music Radio

"A perfectionist of sound first, Max then splashes every single track with a personal touch, drawing from his usual earthly and raw cultural experiences. You feel as if you are walking through the ether absorbing all the same details that he croons about, some familiar, some new and inspiring. Just the right blend of lyrical intrigue. Again, the most notable feature of this particular project is Max taking his already notable mixing skills to a whole new level of quality. Get this one and take a walk with it!"

Jean Leitner

"Love Your Plateau - Look forward to hearing you reach even higher!

rcipes, iTunes

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