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Long Way Home

Rated one of the top albums of 2013 by NBTMusicRadio!

"After finishing last year's Long Way Home, ready to start on a more 'urban' project, I was left with a few unfinished and unrelated tracks from random sessions spanning the past two years, less than half of what I needed. And in the midst of life's challenges and distractions during the past year, it was a struggle to come up with compositions that would end in some sort of unified whole."

"But sometimes, under stress, we achieve breakthroughs. In some late nights after an office job, I ended up improvising some new pieces that were looser and less heavily crafted than my older work, and after shuffling and reshuffling tracks that didn't seem to fit together, suddenly the muse took hold of me and it all fell into place: a mysterious, exotic, and cosmopolitan journey through my eclectic influences and inspirations, with more brand-new material than any of my previous albums!"

Release date December 3, 2013

Track notes & lyrics:

Go to Them




Beauty Queen

Motet 5

Too Close


Tomorrow Night

Copyright © 1980-2013 Max Carmichael

"The album subtly sets slivers of world music, dance and quirky indie, and could give latter day David Byrne a run for his money."


"I really do think it is the best one to date. From beginning to end, I liked every song, every rhythm."

Philippe, Stanford University

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