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Adventurous compositions for dance, storytelling and ambiance...Sophisticated rhythms...Roots in Appalachian, West African and Post-Punk
Last Grooves from the Unknown Loft World of Wicki Schmuck Family Reunion
Before and after their studio is destroyed by an earthquake, Max's San Francisco band exorcises their demons with exotic grooves and the eerie cries of Mike Elias's lap steel guitar.
At picnics and parties in the East Bay, Max and friends explore new musical worlds with African drums, Appalachian banjo, saxophone, flute, and vocal improv.
The "parlor songs" Max's family sang together, not just at reunions, but while playing games, doing chores, tending the campfire, getting ready for bed.
Sunday Sing Story of My Life Lalaila
The old-time hymns Max's family sang together at reunions and Sunday Sings, at the homeplaces of his Scottish-American great-grandparents.
Max's best-selling album: "Got goose bumps while listening." "The album will take you on an adventure and stay with you." "Illuminating, hummable and danceable."
Mysterious, exotic & cosmopolitan: "The album subtly sets slivers of world music, dance and quirky indie, and could give latter day David Byrne a run for his money."
The Rifted Valley (JonBaska Remix) Long Way Home Date With Destiny
Remix of The Rifted Valley by "an Electronic/Dub-step Composer combining the heady sensuality of Spain with the giddy dance-floor exuberance of the Houston Texas scene."
Max's "roots" album, the product of a lifetime exploring the mysteries of nature and the human heart, "somewhere deep in that intellectual alt Americana that folks like Andrew Bird inhabit."
This passionate new single channels the energy of generations of literate punk rock, from Patti Smith to Arcade Fire.
Promised Land Take Me Up Great Wall of China
"This is the folk music of our'll find tracks reminiscent of distant lands...a sense of longing and love of friendship and connection. This album is timeless."
"This album resonates with the honesty of a Lou Reed...with the wit and irony of a Camper Van Beethoven. But what stands a soulful mood that resembles...Calexico."
Loud & fast: "Totally rocking! Especially like the maniacal vocals."
Wickiup What Time Is Rank Stranger (Potatoes) Take Me Up
Max's 1990s band: 6 studio and 6 live tracks, from acoustic to electric, Max's originals plus Native American and old time country songs.
Free download of Rank Stranger! "Terra Incognita...salutes bluegrass heroes, The Stanley Brothers, by gutting the instrumental and faithfully recreating the desolate lyric."
"Terra Incognita fuses the disparate styles of African juju music, American and Canadian bluegrass, and the English folk revival...into an ethereal tribal sound"
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