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Story of My Life front cover

Rated #5 on NBTMusicRadio's Best Albums of 2015!

Classic Max: Romantic visions of nature, deep time, and the longings of the human heart, animated by African-inspired dance rhythms, featuring acoustic guitar, banjo and talking drum.

"...a testament to Max’s willingness to approach life’s bigger questions and smallest gifts with the same curiosity and love...great music that is easy to consume and beautiful" The NBTMusicRadio Reviews

"Got goose bumps while listening...The album is wonderful." Katie

"The album will take you on an adventure and stay with you. Watch out for repeating songs softly to yourself in public." Jean

"Since I released my last album, my life has been forced off the path of music by many challenges and setbacks. But every chance I got, I picked up my wonderful John Allison acoustic guitar and began to develop a set of arrangements for a live act using a trio of acoustic guitar, electric bass and percussion. For repertoire, I had some old favorites that had never been released, along with some previously released tracks like 'Country Dancer' that I thought I could improve on. The result is a cross-section of repertoire across my entire career, in an acoustic but highly danceable format."

Story of My Life CDs are available in Silver City from Max, in Indianapolis from Max's mom. It's a family affair!

Release date July 30, 2015

Track notes & lyrics:

Dust Demon


Country Dancer

Fish in the River


The Sheep

Precious Time


Story of My Life

Seven Continents

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Story of My Life back cover
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