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Terra Incognita 1987

"Thirty years ago, my friend slipped me a tape of some guys he knew (or knew of; I could never get his story straight), calling themselves Terra Incognita, playing five magical, mysterious, gorgeous tracks that sounded like NOTHING else out there...I've been a lot of places and gone through a lot of music since then. That tape is one of the last cassettes I own; it sits in the tiny corner of my shelves reserved for irreplaceable things. I still love those tracks. So does my wife. I have always, always, always wanted to hear more."

Glen Hirshberg, author and former music critic

"The music contains all the themes and musical motifs that continue to fascinate the artist, the Production very much of it's time, which actually doesn't distract but rather adds to the subtle mix of soulNotsoul , fragile experiments , ghosts of exotic vinyl from Africa and even a hint of cinematic country and western, well worth a listen"


"Terra Incognita fuses the disparate styles of African juju music, American and Canadian bluegrass, and the English folk revival sound of Pentangle into an ethereal tribal sound whose percussion comes from the violin being plucked like a guitar."

Cary Tennis, Calendar Magazine

Terra Incognita was a San Francisco band led by Max from 1981 to 1990. They recorded this previously unreleased album in 1987 at Dave Wellhausen Studios.

Release date October 14, 2015.


Max Klein (Carmichael): vocals, guitar, bass

Katie Rauh: vocals, bass

Mark Twohy: vocals, violin

Benjamin Bossi: saxophone on "The Sheep"

Laurie Phillips: coyote howls on "Can't Buy a House"

Track List:

The Vibrant Sea
    Lyrics & vocal: Mark

Plastic Snow
    Lyrics & vocal: Katie

The Rifted Valley
    Lyrics & vocal: Max

Reluctant Love
    Lyrics & vocal: Mark

Kayak to the Sea
    Lyrics: Katie; vocal: Max

The Lost Home
    Lyrics & vocal: Katie

Rank Stranger
    Lyrics: Albert E. Brumley; vocal: Max

Hand Over Hand
    Lyrics & vocal: Max

Calico Pony
    Lyrics & vocal: Katie

    Lyrics & vocal: Max

Can’t Buy a House
    Lyrics & vocal: Max

    Lyrics & vocal: Katie

The Sheep
    Lyrics: Seumas O'Sullivan; vocal: Max

Steady Walking
    Lyrics & vocal: Mark

Seven Continents
    Lyrics & vocal: Max

© 1987 Terra Incognita

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