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My education in art and dynamic systems, my work as a visual artist, and my professional experience as an information architect, enable me to create pictures (models) of things, in order to communicate and better understand them, and I use these models to help people with conflicting agendas reach agreement and solve problems.

To the questions of human existence, I bring an unusually diverse life experience, both broad and deep:

  • Born and raised in a traditional rural extended family
  • Lifelong artist who began illustrating wildlife in early childhood
  • Childhood hunter & fisherman & youthful gardener
  • Group organizer and leader in school, excelled in arts & sciences
  • Studied studio art (drawing, painting, printmaking & sculpture) & science (advanced mathematics, physics, chemistry, geophysics & astrophysics) at University of Chicago & minored in philosophy in both college & grad school
  • Master of Science degree in dynamic systems modeling & analysis (including earth & space science) from Stanford
  • Urban bohemian in San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York, used psychedelics to explore the boundaries of perception
  • Wrongfully incarcerated, impoverished dumpster forager, homeless and hobo
  • Acclaimed artist, musician, writer, and arts community leader
  • Trained in aboriginal survival skills, lifelong outdoorsman and wilderness explorer
  • Long-time participant in scientific field studies of ecology, archaeology, geology, etc.
  • Pioneering and award-winning information architect in the internet industry, developer of effective ways to organize and communicate information
  • Tech entrepreneur among the super-rich
  • Volunteer in habitat restoration, community organizer and founder of harvest festival

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