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Disengage From Dominant Paradigms

The more we identify with dominant society and centralized power, the more disappointed we are as our institutions fail, and the more vulnerable we are to the destructive consequences of societal collapse. The failed states and refugee crises that fill our media screens don't show a descent from civilization to savagery; they show the consequences of relying on dominant institutions. Urbanites are most vulnerable because they're habituated to and dependent on so many complex institutions and systems that are designed to control rather than adapt.

The farther we get from the seats of power, and the more we disengage ourselves from dominant society and focus on building self-sufficient local communities, the more we benefit from the positive consequences of societal collapse. This was demonstrated in Western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, during the misnamed "Dark Ages", when instead of suffering from disorder and chaos, local communites thrived in the absence of oppression and exploitation.

Stop identifying with unsustaining and maladaptive dominant societies and institutions (such as nations and cities) and reduce engagement with, and dependence, on their destructive paradigms:

Anthropocentrism & Hubris

Linear Time & Progress


Competition, Aggression, Dominance & Coercion

Engineering of Habitat

Technological Innovation

Dominance Hierarchies



Money Economy

Learn to Nurture Local Community and Sustenance

Engage and nurture local community and sustenance, studying and learning from healthy ecosystems, nonhuman ecosystem partners, and the successful principles of healthy societies, referencing the foundation sciences of ecology and anthropology

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