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The Roadrunners

Wet Fur


The Roadrunners
The Roadrunners


Garage rock


Rushville, Indiana 1964-1965

In his first, junior high school band, Max played for the largest audience of his career: over 2,000 people, more than a quarter of the population of his hometown, in a community musical extravaganza.

Later that night, 12-year-old Max sang "House of the Rising Sun" to inebriated adults in an after-party at the local Elks Club.

The Roadrunners played many gigs, beating out older bands in a "Battle of the Bands" when Max's grandpa dropped a $20 bill in their tip jar. Their all-cover repertoire featured the current hits of the Animals, Kinks and Rolling Stones.


Tim Ludington (Max Carmichael): vocals, electric guitar

Dave Clifford: vocals, electric guitar

Curt Smiley: electric bass

Jim Smiley: drums



The Roadrunners: Jim, Dave & Tim

Jim, Dave and Tim (Max), all wearing the same haircut

Wet Fur
Wet Fur: Tim, John & Mark


Acoustic folk-rock


Rushville, Indiana and on the rails, 1970-1978

Tim and John Guffin started working together during Tim's senior year in high school. Then Tim's mom introduced them to Mark and Beau, and Tim named the new group Wet Fur.

They begin rehearsing in the basement of the Main Street Christian Church, and their first gig found them singing "Let it Be" at easter sunrise service. Similar to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, they were an all-guitar band who sang harmonies together. Their repertoire combined originals written by all the band members with covers of songs by the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Perhaps inspired by the urban "Happenings" they'd read about in Time Magazine, they begin performing on top of stepladders, creating collaborative public artworks, and shooting psychedelic super-8 movies together.

Before Tim left for college in the fall, they produced a Final Concert on Tim's family farm for their numerous local fans, who sat in the grass on the front lawn as the band played on the wide porch, surrounded by dozens of candles, which were still burning as the last car drove off in the wee hours of the morning.

Tim, Mark and John continued to play together and record sporadically during the following 8 years, performing in trains and railroad stations across the country on their trips together.


Tim Ludington (Max Carmichael): vocals, acoustic guitar, drums

Mark Norris: vocals, acoustic guitar

John Guffin: vocals, acoustic guitar

Gary "Beau" McManus: vocals, acoustic guitar



Wet Fur: John, Tim, Beau & Mark

Earliest known photo of Wet Fur, in the church basement: John, Tim, Beau, Mark, unknown classmate

Wet Fur: John, Tim, Mark & Beau

Wet Fur on the eve of Tim's high school graduation: John, Tim, Mark, Beau

Wet Fur: Tim, John & Mark

Last known photo of Wet Fur: friend Linda, Tim, John & Mark outside the St. Louis train station, 1977


Wet Fur set list

Wet Fur set list, 1970

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