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Teradata Viewpoint


All of today's major business enterprises, from airlines to banks and global retailers, operate on a foundation of data warehouse technology, sometimes referred to as "Big Data." In this monumental five-year effort for the world's leading provider of data warehouse hardware and software, The Office of Max Carmichael led the design of a visually elegant, richly interactive, powerful and sophisticated web-based application portal for the management of Big Data, including more than twenty individual portlet applications - some of them major software applications in themselves. Perhaps the most advanced enterprise software yet designed for the browser, Viewpoint incorporates data visualizations which extend the ideals of design guru Edward Tufte into the interactive realm, introducing groundbreaking user interactions which are mathematically advanced yet delightfully fluid.

Information Architecture & User Experience Design: Max Carmichael (lead), Steven Hurlbut, Jean Leitner

Visual Design: Brian Christensen

Prototype Development: Pascal Balthrop, Steven Hurlbut

Workload Analyzer portlet, problem-cause correlation

Map of the Workload Designer portlet

Workload Designer portlet, States summary screen


Workload Monitor portlet, summary screen


Workload Monitor, Distribution screen


Ecosystem Health portlet, summary screen


Capacity Heatmap portlet, summary screen

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