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Arthur Andersen Corporate Web Site


After our award-winning design for KnowledgeSpace, Andersen's business intelligence portal, the global giant and Big Five consultancy came to us for a proof-of-concept for their corporate site that would re-brand them as a leader in technology as well as in wealth management. We were given carte blanche to deliver "the future of the web," so we recruited Jason Hickner, a young artist/developer whose code widgets had recently been selected for the Museum of Modern Art. We were particularly interested in his treatment of the browser as an operating system, with operating system behavior: transparent, draggable and resizable interface modules with foreground/background relationships. No one else in our industry was designing or building like this, and no one would until years later.

Unfortunately, soon after we delivered the prototype, Andersen was implicated in the Enron scandal and their business was broken up among the remaining Big Four.

Information Architecture & User Experience Design: Max Carmichael

Visual Design: Gabe Campodonico

Prototype Development: Jason Hickner

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