Some sample ailment entries along with possible herbal remedies from the Ancient Herbs and Modern Herbs book are listed below.


This section of the book is a survey of possible medicinal herbal remedies for a variety of human ailments. The obviously toxic herbs have not been listed here. Also, the best recommendations from several of the most reputable authors and sources have been listed after each herb ([rec]).. The German Commission E has completed a comprehensive survey of medicinal herbs and has created an approved herb list for many ailments. These approvals are indicated by the words, "[GermanCommission E]" after a particular herb listed under a particular ailment. In similar fashion, several other authorities on medicinal herbs have their suggested herbs indicated in the same manner. These more than twent-four original references are listed in the Reference section for Ailments. The reader is encouraged to check the original sources for a more complete discussion of ailments and remedies.

General thoughts on health: the basics: General thoughts on health: the basics:

The German Commission E

The German Commission E has approved a variety of medicinal herbs as remedies for different ailments. These are marked: [German Commission E].

Sample ailment entries plus possible herbal remedies::

Recommendations by individual herbal expert authors are marked [rec]. See Ancient Herbs book for identification of individual books and their authors.

Aging, slowing down (possibly): Aging, slowing down (possibly)

Allergies and hay fever Allergies and hay fever

Anxiety Anxiety

Athlete's Foot Athlete's Foot

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) (Hyperactivity) Attention deficit disorder (ADD) (Hyperactivity)

Back pain (backache) Back pain (backache)

Bitters Bitters

Colds Colds

Coughs Coughs

Depression, mild Depression, mild

Flu (Influenza) Flu (Influenza)

Gout Gout

Immune system support Immune system support

Indigestion (dyspepsia) Indigestion (dyspepsia)

Insomnia Insomnia

Memory, enhancement of, lack of, loss of Memory, enhancement of, lack of, loss of

Menopause, discomforts of Menopause, discomforts of

Menstrual cramps (menstrual pain) (dysmenorrhea) Menstrual cramps (menstrual pain) (dysmenorrhea)

Menstrual (pre-menstrual syndrome) (PMS) >Menstrual (pre-menstrual syndrome) (PMS)

Migraine headaches Migraine headaches

Spring tonics Spring tonics

Strewing herbs Strewing herbs

Tennis elbow (lateral and medial epicondylitis) (computer mouse elbow) (tendinitis) Tennis elbow (lateral and medial epicondylitis) (computer mouse elbow) (tendinitis)

Tinnitus (a constant ringing in the ears) Tinnitus (a constant ringing in the ears)

Whitlow (fingernail inflammation) (felon) (runaround) (panaris) (paronychia) Whitlow (fingernail inflammation) (felon) (runaround) (panaris) (paronychia)

Witches' brews Witches' brews

Witches: folk protection against Witches: folk protection against



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