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Rockets and Robots: Engineering Without Understanding

Precious Delirium

Dispatches From the Arid Regions

Raging & Witnessing in the Hills of Sulfur

My Story About the Chance Conference

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Two friends stumble down a wild canyon and discover the mysteries of creation.

"As the boy lay there naked in the soft grass, the column of birds slowly coalesced and moved up the canyon. As they moved they collected light into their midst. Rays of light came into and out of the column. There was a great number of the huge black birds, more than he had ever seen together. They were clearly preparing to do something, and everything around him was part of this coming event. Tears began to flow from his eyes, he laughed uncontrollably."

Copyright © 2003, 2014 Timothy V Ludington

Precious Delirium

eBook, 14 pages, first published and distributed in pamphlet form in 1997

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