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Rockets and Robots: Engineering Without Understanding

Precious Delirium

Dispatches From the Arid Regions

Raging & Witnessing in the Hills of Sulfur

My Story About the Chance Conference

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Highlights of Max's desert adventures with Paiute Indians, survival guru Cody Lundin, Cormac McCarthy's typewriter, scientists, conservationists, artists and visionaries.

"We crawled under the low branches, immersed in the wonderful odors of sagebrush and pine pitch. The nuts here were huge. I cracked one between my teeth, and tasted an explosion of sweet spice, like cinnamon. The nut meat was cool, juicy, and sweet, with a spicy aftertaste that lingered. John laughed. 'Oh, yeah! This is more like it! Get that aftertaste? It’s not just the sweetness, it’s the stages of aftertaste that really do it!'...The next day, John and Carolyn had arranged for family and friends to join us...What you would call an extended family, just like in the old days. We returned to our favorite grove and set to work, fanning out in groups of two and three, climbing trees, and gathering industriously until late afternoon. We could see and hear other groups working in the distance. At the end, some of us walked over to the edge of the Gorge. Hundreds of feet below, the Owens River wound through a narrow strip of green."

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Precious Delirium

eBook, 69 pages, first published and distributed in pamphlet form in 2003

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