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My Story About the Chance Conference

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Max's delirious account of an epic art event in the Mojave desert, featuring Jean Beaudrillard, DJ Spooky, a Paiute orator, transgender performance art and the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster!

"...the spotlight opens at the back of the dark stage, a narrow cone of light falling on the back of a woman in a long black dress, and rising slowly, she walks dramatically to the front of the stage, and lighting a candle, proceeds to speak very movingly of her mother’s death, and how her mother began to speak in a lost tongue, and I realize from the voice and the body that this person is or was a man somehow...She moves from world to world and takes us with her, like somebody close to myth, like the Greeks. Arriving at avatars, MUD’s, phantom limbs. She demonstrates how to move your clitoris into your hand. She gets the whole audience to help stimulate her to orgasm this way, like a stadium cheering a team. She recovers and shows us a slide of her daughter beaming in the glow of a computer screen, wondering what new realities her daughter will help define."

Copyright © 1997, 2014 Timothy V Ludington

Precious Delirium

eBook, 21 pages, first published and distributed in pamphlet form in 1997

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