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Cask CDAP 3.0:

"Version 3.0 includes a new role-based user interface with the ability to create user-defined dashboards; code-free data ingestion, exploration, and transformations from user interface and shell...'[CDAP] provides new capabilities out of the box around data ingestion, exploration, and transformation,' [CEO] Gray said. 'We built a UI and a shell. For more advanced users and organizations, all these code-free things are extensible.'" EnterpriseTech

Continuuity Reactor:

"Continuuity's rich user interface gives insights into applications as they run in the cloud, indicating all activity and diagnosing any problems. A simple, intuitive dashboard provides high-level aggregate metrics across all applications, while powerful drill-down capabilities enable developers to visualize and understand the behavior of their applications. Continuuity provides real-time information about applications, allowing users to dynamically scale them at the touch of a button. For example, the UI will highlight insufficient application resources and the user can click a "+" button to automatically add the needed resources without taking the application offline or having to think about the underlying infrastructure."

Teradata Viewpoint:

"We have built a fantastic product that is going to change the way customers perceive our tools. The recent feedback from the PAC and the Beta sites has been awesome, and validates the approach we have taken to building user interfaces. It just looks great, and the quality is awesome." Todd, Chief Technology Officer, Teradata

"It’s really cool because it pulls you to the info faster than you could do it by hand." Dan, Database Architect, Meijer

"This type of thing is absolutely fantastic...I like the interface - and the potential for the info is very powerful." John, Database Administrator, Royal Bank of Canada

Puget Sound Energy: & My Accounts:

"I just want to say that your website and tools are VERY impressive AND useful. I do not say this lightly, as I have been creating websites for a long time. The tools are simple to use, and help you address the key question: 'how to save money.'" Bernardo, Microsoft

NetAcumen Informer:

"NetAcumen continues to introduce innovative products like the NetAcumen Informer, which allows companies to optimize the Internet as a strategic platform to transform business operations and improve corporate performance," said David Silver, president and CEO of NetAcumen. "We see strong demand from customers that are dissatisfied with existing web analytic solutions who now require business-focused Internet metrics as evidenced in NetAcumen's offerings. The Informer extends this view of Internet channel business performance to senior-level executives." BusinessWire

1View Network Financial Planner:

Our Financial Planner achieved 1View's goal immediately upon its completion: a favorable acquisition by Digital Insight, Inc. (now Intuit). (

"Here's a site whose operators demonstrate that they really are able to get inside the customers' mind and thus build an e-store that's easy and intuitive, plus entertaining to use." -Cyber Retailing News

Arthur Andersen KnowledgeSpace:

Our KnowledgeSpace redesign was honored with a Cannes Lions Award at the 46th International Cannes Advertising Festival.

Discover Brokerage (Morgan Stanley Online):

"Best Overall Online Broker", by Kiplinger's: "a website that's easier to navigate than any other we've seen."

"A Four Star Broker Site", by Barron's, four years in a row: "nicely laid-out portfolio reports and a design that... aims to keep all of the features just a mouse click or two away."

"One of the Best Sites for Serious Investors" by Business Week: Highlights included our "easy-to-use screens."

"Best Overall Online Broker" by Barron's: "instant access to quotes, to execution reports, and to portfolio updates. Research reports are nicely linked to the trader's portfolio, and moving from a quote screen to the trading area takes a single mouse click....[there is] extensive customizing ability."

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