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Max introduced this process to the web industry in 1997, and its first product, Discover Brokerage (Morgan Stanley Online), immediately won national acclaim. Over the years, he continued to learn, adapt and refine the process with teams from coast to coast.

What we did for our clients:

  • Create a plan and schedule for the design phase of the project, and agendas for our collaborative design meetings
  • Recruit and manage the design team, which typically consists of the IA/UX lead, visual designer, and prototype developer
  • Facilitate collaborative brainstorming sessions with management to focus the vision into requirements
  • Facilitate collaborative design meetings in which management, content experts, designers and engineers design the product together on the "whiteboard" - our primary tool
  • Develop the team's sketches and notes into specifications - consisting of maps, flowcharts, wireframes and instructions - which are shared online with all stakeholders
  • Direct the rapid development of screen prototypes to test critical features
  • Conduct usability testing with real users, often in the actual workplace
  • Based on test results, work with the team to optimize the design, finally delivering complete specifications for the engineers who will build the product

Max believed products are often more usable when they break the rules and introduce unexpected delight into users' lives. Thus, unlike many specialists in "human factors," he was never dogmatic about usability. But he knew from long experience that efficient user testing ensures a successful product and prevents costly design errors.

Collaborative design meeting

Whiteboard model of application architecture

Final architecture map of large-scale web app

Whiteboard sketch of screen layout

Final wireframe specification for web page

Final design comp for web app

Final design comp for web page

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