James Sayre Memorial
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In the early 2000s, after he published Ancient Herbs and Modern Herbs and moved into his brother's house in Oakland's Rockridge district, James started a web site, Bottlebrush Press, to help market the book. The homepage began simply as a description of Ancient Herbs, but as time passed, he added links to his political, social, and cultural commentary, and biographical essays, as well as excerpts from his books.

After James began withdrawing from society in 2011, the web site briefly went offline, and when it reappeared, his friend Max downloaded it to his hard drive. The site, as it existed in Fall 2011, is now back online, but please be advised that there are many broken links and missing pages.

Open James's Bottlebrush Press web site in a new tab ->

This memorial web site has been prepared by James's friend Max Carmichael, and any errors or ommissions should be attributed solely to Max. Those with corrections or further information for the memorial should notify Max via the contact form on his personal web site.