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Rockets and Robots: Engineering Without Understanding

Precious Delirium

Dispatches From the Arid Regions

Raging & Witnessing in the Hills of Sulfur

Loft of Dreams

As If Apes Would Hurl

My Story About the Chance Conference

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Second in a series inspired by Max's San Francisco loft.

Pagan rites, opium dreams, the reincarnation of George Gershwin, and a night in the felony wing.

"Following her into the high hall of swirling drums, wheeze of pipes in a far wind, sweet eucalyptus on the air, candles ranked around the rugged walls. To dance among the eucalyptus boughs strewn about the floor, to dance faster, taking up the branches and running with them, leaves trailing like long thin fingers. The drums and pipes and chanting, the flickering of the candles, the blur of bodies, boys and girls running in a fine fog of sweet gum, and in their midst she’s twirling on her bare feet with her long hair fanning out."

Copyright © 1997, 2014 Timothy V Ludington

Precious Delirium

eBook, 29 pages, first published and distributed in pamphlet form in 1997

All contents Copyright © 2010-2014 Max Carmichael