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Travel can be fun, educational and enlightening. It also can be exhausting and depressing. Often, English-speaking travelers will have more fun and certainly will be able to communicate much more easily when they visit countries where English is the main language. Here are a few notes about traveling in English-speaking countries and French Tahiti

Travel notes for English speakers. Traveling around the USA and Canada is easy and relatively safe. The currencies are understandable, most folks speak English and the gas is cheap. The traditional tour of Europe presents some added difficulties. Different languages, different customs and different currencies. I have found that my best travel experiences have been in English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji. United States and the Virgin Islands. Other English-speaking countries include Ireland, Bermuda, Belize and the former British colonies in the Caribbean.

Note: travel links may be very slow to open up due to their use of large colorful graphics.

Australia was once called the "land of parrots." It is also the land of eucalypts and acacias. This "land down under" is definitely worth a visit or two. No worries, mate; she'll be right. Oz. I have visited Australia three times. The Australian Tourism Net The Australian Tourism Net

Belize: a tiny beautiful English-speaking enclave in Central America. Belize travel

Bermuda: a gem set adrift in the warm gentle Gulf Stream. The Bermuda Tourist Authority The Bermuda Tourist Authority

Canada: a large country that stretches more than 3,000 miles across from Newfoundland, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces in the east to British Columbia and the Yukon Territory in the west.

Caribbean:: some beautiful vacation areas south of Florida. I have visited the U. S. Virgin Islands twice. The Turquoise Net The Turquoise Net

Caribbean: links to some individual islands: Links to some individual Caribbean islands

England: Merry Old England, home of the Christmas fruitcake, the Rolling Stones and the Royal Family. I have visited England three times. The British Tourist Authority British Tourist Authority

Fiji is a group of islands set in the South Pacific. English, Hindi and Fijian are all spoken here. There is a long simmering dispute between the native Fijians and the immigrant Indians over land, power, religion and everything else under the hot tropical sun. What else is new? I have visited Fiji once. Fiji Visitors Bureau: Fiji Visitors Bureau

Iceland is not technically an English-speaking country. Howeer, for the purposes of English-speaking visitors, enough English is spoken and understood there to make a visit pleasant. Here are some links to Iceland (:Iceland links) and my short essay on an unexpected three-day stopover there: Iceland visit

Ireland is the home of Bing Crosby's ancestors, so it must be a great place. The Irish Tourist Board The Irish Tourist Board

New Zealand is a small beautiful clean country that is about the size of California with a mild wet climate that is said to approximate that of Ireland. Millions of fluffy sheep and only three million people. Formerly the home of the America's Cup, racing sailing's highest trophy. Definitely worth a visit or two. I have visited New Zealand three times. AA Guides New Zealand:AA Guides

A letter-to-the-Editor to the S. F. Chronicle's Sunday Travel section about Wellington and New Zealand: Wellington15 November 2004.

United States of America, including the "lower 48" states plus Alaska and Hawai'i.

the Federal Writers' Project: and: Federal Writers' Project

Texas: travel: Travel in Texas Travel in Texas

Tahiti: and Maupiti links to Tahiti travel information: Tahiti travel

A few personal essays and other links:

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Driving on the left side: Driving on the left side of the road is practiced in many former British colonies. You will be driving on the left in England, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and the Virgin Islands (both British and American).

Sometimes old travel books are the most interesting. In 1921, Harry A. Franck wrote Working North from Patagonia, a book which told his travels and adventures from the Patagonia cattle-raising plains of the Argentine up through eastern Brazil to to the northern part of eastern South America. Actually, Harry Franck wrote over twenty travel books. Note: by modern American standards of the 21st century, Mr. Franck would be considered a complete and tiresome racist. These are listed at Harry A. Franck's travel books

Travels to Panamint Valley: a short story: Panamint Valley




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