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by James K. Sayre


Low-fat Milkman instant dried milk Low fat Milkman

Is L.L.Bean mostly just a front for Chinese communist manufacturing companies? LLBean a front for Chinese communist manufacturers?

Now that the powers that be (a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge and the Schwarzenegger Administration) have agreed to temporally suspend the threatened aerial spraying of pesticide gas over much of the S. F. Bay Area in an attempt to sexually harass a small brown moth, we need to force a complete and final end to this insane plan. . Light Brown Apple Moth threat

Boycott Birds & Blooms magazine, which has outsourced its customer service jobs overseas to the Philippines. Boycott Birds & Blooms maganine

Degrading the environment of third world countries in our quest to improve our California air quality with the production of new "groovy" "green" low-emission vehicles... Green vehicles pollute world

Tell LL Bean Corporation to stop killing the American Buffalo (Bison) to make bison leather shoes and bison leather belts. Tell LL Bean no buffalo.

Comments against planned aerial pesticide spraying of East Bay cities submitted to the Contra Costa Times: Co-existing with a small moth The Contra Costa Times, in its infinite wisdom, removed the first paragraph from my letter and then pawned it off to The Montclarion and The Piedmonter, two much smaller weekly subsidiary papers, which published it on 8 March 2008. Thanks alot.

Checkmate chemicals to be sprayed over Norhern California Cities to sexually harass a small moth. No aerial spraying of Checkmate chemical

Love those 100-watt light bulbs Love 100-watt light bulbs

Just say no to aerial pesticide spraying of the San Francisco Bay Area with Checkmate. No aerial spraying

Wearing reading glasses Wearing reading glasses

Washing dishes in cold water Washing dishes in cold water

Boycott Chinese Goods Boycott Chieese goods

American shoes for American feet American shoes for American feet

links to consumer web sites:

Friends of public libraries sometimes run used bookstores to support their favorite public libraries. friends of the library

Telemarketers, please don't call me (ever again). Americans have been harassed by telemarketers for decades now and finally the federal government has taken some action to protect your right to eat dinner in peace. A national do-not-call registry has been set up. Telemarketers, please don't call me (ever again)

CU: We are all consumers. One of the best sources of information about the prospective quality of purchased goods and services is the Consumer Union's monthly Consumer Reports magazine. Consumer Reports

UL: If you are going to purchase any new electrical or electronic product, be sure to look for the UL mark, which is a symbol that shows that the product has been certified as safe for consumer use by the non-profit Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL has been working to protect American consumers and workers for over one hundred years. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has its headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois. Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

The ACLU: Although one docs not typically consider one's civil liberties as part of what we consume, it is important to many of us what sort of political rights and civil liberties we maintain in our democracy. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been working to protect our American Bill of Rights and our civil liberties since the time of World War I. American Civil Liberties Union

Some personal comments:

The Waiter's Corkscrew The Waiter's Corkscrew

You don't need a larger TV, just get a pair of 3X Opera Glasses Opera Glasses
Waxed paper, a traditional consumer product, is, for many household uses, far superior to plastic wrap. Waxed paper
Splenda/sucralose is a chlorinated hydrocarbon and is merely the latest in a long and growing list of toxic artificial sweeteners. Why would you want to add toxic chemicals to your food and drink? You might not want to, but private for-profit corporations are only to happy to do so, if they can make a few bucks on the deal: Splenda/sucralose toxicity
Life in the coming post-petroleum oil-free second Stone Age: Many experts say that we have already consumed over half of the world's known oil reserves and that we are rapidly using up the rest: Our coming life without oil: oops, no gasoline, no cars, no SUVs, no more commercial fertilizers, no more food transport, no more computer chips, no more personal computers and no more plastics... Post-petroleum stone age
A few of my favorite commercial brands: Favorite Brands

Pernicious and destructive human inventions : Pernicious human inventions

Smelly toxic fabric softeners : Fabric Softeners

Help petition Clariol Corporation for the return of the original classic dark green Herbal Essence Shampoo original Herbal Essence Shampoo

Avoiding ripoffs when buying bulk bird seed for feeding wild birds: Buying bulk bird seed

RFIDs: Radio Frequency IDentification tags/chips/systems (RFIDs) RFIDs

Thrift Shops: Thrift shops

Some possible downsides of the new nine dollars apiece Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) : Fluorescent lights for all? 30 October 2004

The consumer whiner-baby whines, complains, suggests and advises U. S. corporations about problems with their products and services: Consumer whiner-baby
Daylight Savings all year around Daylight savings all year around

Cheap Motel Owners seem to be saying, "Please Don't Ever Show Your Face 'Round These Parts Ever Again..." Cheap Motel Owners' Tricks

The informed consumer should know about genetically-engineered and genetically-modified foods and food plants Genetically-engineered and genetically-modified foods and food plants




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