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Afternoon at the Cave

Beautiful Penguins

Beauty Queen

Black Water

Bomba de Tiempo


Caracas 52

Come On Over Whitey

Contact Zone

Country Dancer

Crevice Invasion

Date With Destiny


Dust Demon


Fish in the River

Go to Them

Great Wall of China

Hand Over Hand



Long Way Home

Love Chant

Mail Order Seahorses


Moses of Indiana

Motet 5



Open House


Plains of Abraham


Poetry in Motion

Precious Time


The Rifted Valley

Seven Continents

The Sheep

Story of My Life


Tiare's Theme

Tomorrow Night

Too Close

What Time Is


Yellow Mud

You Come From the Lake

3.1 & 2.4

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Composed and arranged by Max for the album Promised Land, based on a 1981 session in the Terra Incognita loft with Gary Tanner on bass and vocals, Max on guitar and vocals, Jon Spayde on percussion and vocals, and probably Betsy Ayers and/or Francesca Jackson also on vocals.

"This comes from one of the very first sessions in the loft, while we were still building it out, and there was a sort of corral of thrift shop furniture in front of the big windows high above 5th Street. It was a Sunday and I remember light streaming through the windows as we played and sang in a circle. Afterwards we went to the top of Potrero Hill in a little hilltop park next to the projects and fantasized about what we were going to accomplish with our new posse."

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The famous Terra Incognita windows

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