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Gathering the Tribes
All photos are by Max and his friends


At Powwow '87, Max's friends build a foundation for solar panels at an ecological preserve in Chemehuevi territory.

At Powwow 2011, Max and friends repair the shade house - a 19th century mining ruin - that Max lived in 20 years earlier.

Sharing & Learning

Artists learn from scientists at Powwow '87.

One of Max's friends learns to use a traditional Paiute bow at Powwow '91.

At Powwow 2010, a herpetologist educates a marine biologist about desert lizards.


Max's artist friends compete in a game of Granite Ball at Powwow '87.

Singing & Dancing

Max's friends join in an initiation ceremony at Powwow '91.

Late night jamming at Powwow '91.


Paiute skills instructor Tom tells how Beaver stole fire from the pine trees, while making fire with a hand drill, at Powwow '91.

Scientists share war stories at Powwow 2012.


Smudging with sage in a rockshelter at Powwow '91..

Swinging the bullroarer at Powwow '91 - an ancient tradition among native peoples worldwide.

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