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Yampa - Perideridia gairdneri - family: Umbelliferae (Apiaceae) (Carrot Family) (Parsley Family).

This is a slender perennial plant that grows to about four feet high. It has compound leaves with oval-to-lance shaped or linear leaflets. In the spring and summer it produces rounded clusters (umbels) of tiny white flowers. The flowers are followed by small grayish crescent-shaped seeds (fruits). Traditional Native American use of pleasant-tasting taproots as a food. The taproots were consumed raw or cooked. Sometimes after being cooked, they were dried for future use. The edible seeds have been used as a flavoring: they have a caraway-like flavor. Traditional Native American folk use of taproots as a remedy for constipation and sore throats. Native to central and western North America.




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