Modern industrial windmills are just bird-killing and bat-killing machines.

by James K. Sayre

To the Editor:

Modern windmills that are supposedly environmentally friendly are actually just giant metal bird-killing guillotines. Thousands of hawks and other birds have been killed at the Altamont Pass windmill energy complex in Alameda County, California. Now there is news from West Virginia and Pennsylvania that modern wind turbines there are also killing bats. Great. It is time to dismantle these bird-killing and bat-killing machines and find other ways to conserve energy and generate energy.

Europeans manage to live on about half as much energy as we Americans do. We need to intensify our research into economically converting solar energy (sunshine) into electricity. We need to give up massive SUVs and monster houses and trim back our energy consumption in view of the declining oil reserves in the world. Humans are now using up fossil fuels about one million times faster than they are being created.

If we have to have windmills, they should be the old-fashioned bird-friendly kind that were used in Holland and Greece, made with wooden struts and cloth sails.

Yours truly,

]ames K. Sayre

8 August 2005



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