Playing wiffle ball with the neighbor Harvey boys in our backyard.

by James K. Sayre

We started out by playing kickball in our backyard: the Harvey boys, three or four of them, about our ages, and my younger brother and sister. As we go older and stronger, we could easily kick the ball over the back fence for a home run, and so we needed a more difficult game.

The invention of the wiffle ball came in the mid-1950s. It was round, plastic, light, hollow, white and with several small slot-shaped openings on one side of it. The holes made for unusual aerodynamics: you could easity throw a curve ball with it. A hard plastic bat was sold along with the wiffle ball.

A hard hit wiffle ball could sting a little if you caught it as a line drive.

As we got older we drifted into other things. About eighth grade or so, I started growing annual flowers in the backyard.



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