Votes, voters, who's counting the votes?

Votes, voters who's counting the votes? With the advent of computerized voting, there is often a complete lack of a verifiable paper audit trail for recounts. This growing problem may make the Florida 2000 election fiasco look like a tea party.

Check out the Verified Voting web site at // Verified Voting In California, we may be soon having more problems that properly running our recall election in October.

Below is some information from the Verified Voting web site about potential election problems in California:

Alameda County: Using Diebold touch-screen machines with no voter verifiable audit trail.

Los Angeles County: Conversion underway to optical scan then touch-screen [This is unreliable information; we need something more definitive].

Orange County: A vote to negotiate a contract for touch-screen machines is coming up in a month or so [More details needed]

Riverside County: Converted to Sequoia touch-screen machines without a voter-verifiable audit trail, and has used them in several elections.

Sacramento County: RFPs (requests for proposals) are out. There are alternative RFPs for touch-screen machines with and without printers.

San Diego County: They will vote soon on acquiring Diebold touch-screen machines with no voter-verifiable audit trail.

San Joaquin County: Purchasing touch-screen machines with no voter verifiable audit trail [More details needed.]

Santa Clara County: Negotiating a contract. More details here There may be other counties contemplating changes in equipment soon.


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