The Cootie Game

by James K. Sayre

The Cootie game was not really a board game, it was the game that consisted of insect body parts, that were put together by the roll of the dice. The game first became popular in the early 1950s and it was an instant hit. It was pretty much based on luck, for you had to roll the dice and get a certain number to get each body part. The Cootie's parts included a central shell, a head, two eyes, a month and six legs. All were made of plastic, in a variety of colors. The winner of the game was the first to complete the construction of his or her Cootie. A great game for kids of all ages.

Apparently, according to, the term "cootie" was first used in World War I by British soldiers as slang for germs. It's use continued in 1950s America as in "Eew, cooties!"



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