Setting the stage: a few of the major differences between life in the 1940s and the 1950s and the 21st century...

by James K. Sayre

Imagine growing up in a time without the Internet, without personal computers, printers, scanners or modems, without cell phones, without CDs, without video games, without cassette decks, witho ut bar codes, without VCRs, without telephone answering machines, without skate boards, without jet skis, without leaf blowers, without digital watches, without communications satellites and without satellite TV, without cable TV, without 24/7 cable "news," without corporate propaganda passing for "news" in major media, without birth control pills for women, without so-called "AIDS" (see the medical links on this web site and learn about how the so-called "AIDS" was the biggest medical fraud of the 20th century; it was all based on lies, but like the imperial occupation of Iraq, corporations made obscene profits off it...).

However, we did have AM and FM radio, movies, basic over-the-air broadcast TV, records, stereo receivers, books, magazines and newspapers...

Being born in the summer of 1942, my childhood and adolescence were in the 1940s and the 1950s. If you check out out the brief essays below in the Memory Lane section, you will get a slight personal taste of growing up in those days.



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