The old Ridgewood Library on a hill

by James K. Sayre

When I was very young, say three or four years of age, my mother used to drive me up to the Saturday morning story-times at the Ridgewood, New Jersey public library. This library had been built on a bluff overlooking the downtown. I have no recollection of any stories heard doing story times presented there, but I have some memory of the great view from the bluff of the downtown stores spread out down below across the railroad tracks which carried daily commuters (my father included) into New York City and back each weekday.

Apparently, this original Pease Memorial Ridgewood Public Library, which was built in the 1920s, has been vacant in recently. The Ridgewood Village authorities moved the public library across town to newer fancier larger quarters. There seems to be some question as to what the Ridgewood Village authorities plan to do with this beautiful old historic library building.



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