by James K. Sayre

Note: instead of relying totally upon the Internet and Wikipedia for information, try using a Websters College Dictionary and a recent World Almanac, bearing in mind that American-made Alamanacs are chock full of imperial American propaganda and whitewashing of the 108 years of American overseas imperialism. Even a forty year old set of Encyclopedia Britannica has much useful reference information.

Wikipedia: the free Internet encyclopedia web site (with over half a million entries in the English language section): Wikipedia Wikipedia has encyclopedias in many different languages including Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, German and even Esperanto. Its description of food additives such as the chlorinated hydrocarbon, Splenda, is a little on the corporate side for my taste. It almost reads like a Material Science Data Sheet (MSDS), which often try mightly to hide and obscure chemical toxicity. Since Wikipedia is created by the people and for the people, it should be much more pro-consumer, and less pro-corporation. Its professed and silly "neutral" viewpoint, is a disservice since no such thing exists in this world. For example, how can you be "neutral" between civil liberties and torture/dictatorship?

Wikipedia may be a little too "wiki" (speedy, fast) and not enough "pedia' (reliable information). For example, on the bogus HIV-AIDS connection which has never been scientifically demonstrated, Wikipedia follows the corporate government party line which the federal Center for Disease Control has been pumping out for over twenty years. This is the biggest "scientific" medical fraud in history. For more details, see my links and essays in my Health section. Or check out: The New AIDS Review New AIDS Review Or read the detailed article by Celia Farber, "Out of control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science" in the March 2006 issue of Harper's Magazine, pages 37 to 52.




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