"Old Men with Ponytails. Baffling." - a sexist, ageist and generally offensive billboard by Washington Mutual Bank


To the Editor:

An Open Letter to the Washington Mutual Bank, Seattle, Washington.

I was driving north along the 880 freeway in Emeryville, California and I saw your large billboard that read, "Old Men with Ponytails. Baffling." This billboard ad is sexist, ageist and is generally quite offensive. It is promoting a more hostile social environment. This billboard and all others with the same message should be removed immediately and Washington Mutual Bank should apologize to the public for creating these offensively-worded billboards. Whatever employee that thought up this little gem of prejudice should be terminated immediately.

I have heretofore silently endured Washington Mutual Bank's new "groovy" slangy ATM lingo and have been turned off by Washington Mutual Bank's obnoxious new branch bank office design which seem resemble a restaurant or a disco, but these offensive billboards have gone over the line into the realm of the totally unacceptable.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


6 November 2003