A slight touch of juvenile delinquency: plinking cars with paper clips powered by rubber bands on summer evenings, while crouching in hiding places behind some low hedges along Washington Road in Mt. Lebanon.

by James K. Sayre

I must have been about twelve years old at the time; a kid I knew got me to go out at night, walk the two long blocks down Hazel Drive out to Washington Road when we laid down and hid behind some thin low hedges. We crafted our tiny missiles by bending open paper clips so that the could easily be fired with rubber bands. Our targets were slow moving cars that were being driven down Washington Road towards the downtown. We hit a few cars with a little plink. It must have been pretty quiet back in those days, for we could easily hear the impact of the paper clip on the metal sides of the cars. I think that one guy slowed down enough so we chickened out on any further "plinkings."

As a kid, I just didn't pay much mind to adults: of course, I had parents and teachers who gave us their attentions and minded us, but most other adults lived in entirely different worlds from us kids.



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