Pirate FM radio can be easily broadcast on the internet


The Datebook Editor

The San Francisco Chronicle


To the Editor:

Your recent front page story on the so-called "pirate" FM radio stations broadcasting in the Bay Area (The Chronicle, Datebook, October 21) deserves a short comment. Why are these whiner-baby losers still fighting a battle that has already been won? There is free speech radio galore available on the Internet. Just get a computer, a phone line, a modem, register your new web site domain name, hire an ISP and create your very own Internet Radio Station. You can broadcast whatever you want, from obscure music to interminable political rants, twenty-four hours a day and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can't and won't say boo. Everyone with internet access anywhere in the world is a potential listener. But I guess that tilting at broken windmills is a hard-fought Bay Area tradition. Maybe these guys could also trying growing up a little.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre

21 October 2003