Overview II: the growing political scandal about how Bush & Co. stole the 2004 Presidential election is picking up steam. There are new web sites popping up and we are beginning to see some minor coverage in corporate print media. With few exceptions, the major corporate print and television outlets are either doing their post-election Rip-Van-Winkle imitations, or are dreaming along just floating on the Great American River Denial or they are following "lockdown" orders from Bush & Co. In any case, they are not doing their job of good honest investigative journalism.

Of course, when the Ohio vote recount begins in earnest, the television cameras and print media dudes will be there to deride the legitimate recount and to say, "Bush won, trust us," just like 2000 in Florida. Bush & Co. hate and fear actually counting all the votes, because they are just second-place finishers and very sore losers...


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