Overview: The Election Day Miracle of the Republican electrons in GOP-buddy secret computer software on GOP-buddy voting machines or Billions of tiny Bytes for Bush...

Since Bush & Co. stole the election on 11/2 (Day of Infamy), the corporate mainstream media outlets (newspapers and cable/network news channels) have worked overtime to coverup, ignore, belittle and demean all of the growing list of election computer glitches, computer mistakes, computer errors, computer irregularities and computer anomalies, all of which have magically favored Bush (not one single computer glitch, computer mistake, computer irregularity or computer error credited a single extra vote to Kerry: the mind boggles on the odds of this being a random event...). Also virtually totally ignored by the corporate media are growing and well documented reports of the massive systematic GOP attempt to suppress the vote across this country, especially in precincts of Afro-Americans and students. Repeatedly Kerry voters using touch-screen computerized voting machines hit the Kerry button only to have a Bush vote show up on the screen. The reverse never happened once. All of these reports should be investigated and reported on in a timely manner by newspapers and television broadcasters, but no, they just can't be bothered to do their jobs.

I never dreamed in my wildest imagination that I would have to use the Internets as a primary source of news about irregularities in the 2004 election: the corporate mainstream media coverup goes on...


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