My first, last and only date in second grade

by James K. Sayre

My early years were spent living in Ridgewood, New Jersey, from age three to about seven and a half. While I was in second grade, I had what later I fancied was a sort of date. I was invited to visit a pretty brunette girl, undoubtedly a school classmate, at her home one afternoon. Upon arriving, I was first introduced to her mother. That social hurdle passed, the girl and I went up the stairs to her bedroom, where we did something akin to cutting out paper dolls or some such. I may have been treated to some cookies and milk; my memory from almost sixty years ago is quite dim; also, my memory may have been overprinted by recently watching some Leave It to Beaver reruns on TV... As I was about to leave, the girl performed for me on her own jungle gym in the side yard. She even hung upside down; her skirt flopped down and her white underpants were exposed to my view. She said that she didn't mind at all if I saw her panties, but she won't let another boy classmate see them. That was my first indication of the notion of sexual favors being bestowed by girls on boys that they liked....

A few weeks or a few months later, my family and I moved a couple of hundred miles away to Castle Shannon, a suburb of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania. So I never saw that pretty brunette girl again...





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