Eddie Lund - An Incomplete Discography


James K. Sayre

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Eddie Lund was the father of modern Tahitian folk music. He organized a band of Tahitian musicians and starting in the business of making records on the Tahiti Records label, based in Papeete. In the 1950's these records were distributed on a worldwide basis by Criterion Records of Hollywood, California.

Tahiti Records, P O Box 478, Papeete, Tahiti

*and Tahitit Records, 1023 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood, California


EL 1001 Tahiti Dances


EL 1002 Rendeyvous á Tahiti (note: on Decca Records as DL 8189

with title in English)

EL 1003 To the South Seas

EL 1004 Call of the Coral Seas (have one copy stamped El 1002)

EL 1005 I remember Tahiti (with Mila)

EL 1006 L'echo d'un Lointain Lagon

EL 1007

EL 1008

EL 1009 Tahiti a la Belle Epquee

EL 1010 Haka Moko (VSP 8)

El 1011 The Mutiny Drums and Sharkskin Concerto

EL 1012 Make mine Tahitian - Eddie Lund and his Tahitians*

EL1013 south sea island festival* © 1962

EL 1014 Rarotonga © 1962 (Viking Record Co.)

EL 1015 Tahiti meets Manihiki* (with Will Crummer and the "seastars")

EL 1016 Tahiti Mon Amour

EL 1017 Aparima

EL 1018 Ua Reka - Mariterangi (in Stereo)

EL 1019 Bora Bora © 1965

EL 1020 Tahiti Village

EL 1021 Salut a Aitutaki

EL 1022 Tempo-Tuamotu (avec Les "Mama Ruau" Mormonii © 1966)

EL 1023 Encore ! (avec Les Barefoot Boys et Loma © 1966)

EL 1024 For Beachcombers only

EL 1025

EL 1026

EL 1027 Loma avec ses copains - Stereo

EL 1028 Paumotu Party au Bel Air

EL 1029 Hotel Tahiti

EL 1030

EL 1031

EL 1032 All time Tahitian Favorites - Volume Two - various artists © 1970

EL 1033

EL 1034

EL 1035

EL 1036

El 1037 Rarotonga Folklore - Apiti et les Royal Papeete Playboys

TR-201 Tahiti Dances

Tahiti Records,Papeete, Tahiti /

Criterion Records, 6124 Selma Ave., Hollywood 28, California

VSP 8 Haka Moko

DL 8189 Decca Record - Rendezvous in Tahiti



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