We need to stage thousands of 21st century versions of the 1773 revolutionary Boston Tea Party across America by dumping all the electronic computerized voting machines and electronic computerized vote tabulating machines into the nearest body of water.

By James K. Sayre


Dump all the electronic computerized voting machines and electronic computerized vote tabulating machines into the nearest body of water. Return to the use of traditional hand-counted paper ballots in all future elections to restore our American democracy. As long as there are electronic, computerized voting machines and electronic computerized vote tabulating machines, there will Republican thugs, hackers and riggers ready to resteal, rig and hack any and all future elections.

On 6 January 2005, Senator Barbara Boxer and some thirty Representatives challenged the Ohio electoral vote in the special joint session of Congress, but they were barely scratching the surface of massive Republican election fraud across the country on November 2, 2004. This Presidential election was the most fraudulent in the past one hundred years.Widespread systematic premeditated voter disenfranchisement occurred in Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and many other states.

In the November 2004 Presidential election, some thirty million votes were cast electronically without any auditable paper trails. These insecure, hackable voting machines were built and operated by Diebold, ES&S, Sequois, Triad and SAIC, five secretive right-wing Republican voting machine manufacturers. About 3/4s of all our votes were then tabulated on insecure, hackable electronic tabulating machines by Diebold and ES&S, with proprietary (secret) software. Throw in the highly accurate exit polls which pointed to a landslide Kerry victory on November 2 and you have the perfect electoral fraud storm.

In 2002, the Republican Party staged their test run of controlling the new Diebold computerized paper-trail-free electronic voting systems that were installed in every precinct in the State of Georgia. It worked like a charm. Two popular Democratic incumbents, the Governor Roy Barnes and Senator Max Cleland, were both "defeated" by Republican challengers. The Democrats were both ahead by several points in both the pre-election voter opinion polls and in the election day exit polls, yet the Diebold voting machines declared the two Republican challengers as winners. The local media claimed to be "amazed" by this election "upset." They should have been horrified and outraged. These elections were stolen electronically. There was no paper trail, no recount was possible and for good measure, Diebold Corporation "accidentally erased" the disputed 2002 election returns data from their computer hard disk drives a few days after the election. How convenient, how clean, how slick and how crooked is Republican election theft in the 21st century.

Australia, Canada and many other nations use the traditional hand-counted paper ballots in their national elections. Canada completes an honest vote count by hand, usually within 24-hours of the closing of the voting booths. Can't we Americans wait for a few hours to get an honest, open, legitimate election vote count?

We will never get our democracy back until all the computerized voting machines are unceremoniously dumped into the nearest body of water. Traditional hand-counted paper ballots will restore our democracy and help end this national nightmare of Tsunami Bush.


23 January 2005





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