Diebold Corporation to rig California elections in November 2004?


The Editor

The Oakland Tribune

Oakland, CA


To the Editor:

Your recent front page headline, "Diebold knew of legal risks" (The Tribune, April 20) was a laugh because the California Attorney General and the County District Attorneys are all gutless wonders and are totally unwilling to crack down on Diebold and its fraudulent illegal computerized vote-counting machines. "Legal risk?": its just a small financial cost of doing business and rigging and stealing elections. The possible payoffs to Diebold are potentially enormous, for with a second Bush term they could become another Halliburton Corporation and obtain future fat no-bid contracts for "services rendered."

So far from our legal representatives, we've only got a lot of hot air, with some huffing and puffing as a side dish. Go to the Internet and do a search on the terms, "diebold" and "election" and "fraud" and you will find solid evidence of Diebold's involvement in the theft of the 2002 Georgia Senate election from Democratic incumbent Senator Max Cleland. No recountable paper trails with slick Diebold voting machines running that "election." The 2002 election tipped the U. S. Senate back to Republican control and prevented any Senate investigations into Bush Administration lies about Iraq and several other brewing scandals.

The California Attorney General and the County District Attorneys should immediately render all election counting contracts with the crooked right-wing Bush-supporting Diebold Corporation as null and void and provide traditional recountable paper ballots for all California voters in the coming November elections. To let the Bush-supporting Diebold Corporation count our election ballots in November is total insanity: it will allow the lying thuggish Bush to steal another election.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


20 April 2004