The vote you cast (for Senator Kerry) in the November 2004 Presidential election may not have been tallied, but if you voted for bush, why it may have been tallied two, three or even four times...

To the Editor:

The corporate baloney Sunday editorial writers at the San Francisco Chronicle keep on tossing out stories, about how there may have been some irregularities in the November 2004 Presidential election, some votes were not counted, but hey, no system is perfect... but certainly Bush did not resteal the election.

It's amazing, most people over the rest of the world know and understand that Bush & Co. stole the November 2004 Presidential election, but the oblivious sucker American citizens who watch corporate mainstream television and read corporate mainstream newspapers still haven't a clue about this outrageous election theft. And they certainly will never get a clue if the American corporate media can help it.

Ms. Vicki Haddock is the latest Chronicle hack writer with her dragging the proverbial red herring across the massive evidence of election fraud on November 2, 2004 and thus trying to perpetuate the myth of an honest Presidential election in November 2004. In her "The vote you cast may not be tallied" effort (The Chronicle, February 27, 2005) she jives, she jukes, she bobs, she weaves: she complains that no, no election system is perfect, we will never get a perfect vote-counting system in place..

Of course not, with thirty million votes cast in the November 2004 Presidential election on insecure hackable Diebold and ES&S electronic computerized voting machines without a single paper trail. No problems there, just trust bush, trust cheney, trust rove, trust katherine harris, trust ken blackwell...

Another fifty to seventy million votes were tallied with secret proprietary software on insecure hackable electronic computerized vote tallying machines produced by Diebold and ES&S, two private corporations with Republican connections. No problems there, just trust bush, trust cheney, trust rove, trust katherine harris, trust ken blackwell...

Not a peep in her Sunday editorial article about the highly accurate election exit polls which showed Senator Kerry heading to a landslide victory. No, exit polls are only accurate in the Ukraine. Another sign, the head of the Republican National Committee wants to completely do away with any exit polls in future elections. Great, destroy any remaining evidence of GOP hacking, rigging and stealing in future elections.

But hey, the GOP would dare steal the November 2004 Presidential election, not after they stole the November 2000 Presidential election by rigging the Florida vote and by stopping the vote recount with their mob of screaming thugs banging on the doors of the Miami-Dade County offices.

Not after successfully stealing the Senate seat and the Governorship in Georgia in 2002 with votes cast on Diebold voting machines with nary a single paper trail in the whole state of Georgia. Recounts are impossible without paper trails, but, hey, no worries, mate, those Republicans wouldn't do anything stupid with their phony mandate, like start a stupid, illegal criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Not after four years of the Bush & Co. gang's lying, stealing and cheating in staging the Iraq war, lying about Medicare, covering up their 9-11 incompetence or worse, rigging the press, rigging elections, well, the beat goes on...




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