Cazadero, Sonoma County, California

Cazadero is a small community nestled in the giant redwoods that grow along the Austin Creek, which flows south into the Russian River. The name Cazadero is Spanish for a hunting place.

This small town has a long history tracing back about one hundred and thirty years. It is a very rainy location that is surrounded by high coastal hills which help concentrate the winter rains. Its annual rainfall totals are typically 70 to 80 inches; some years it can top 100 inches. Wet. Perfect for Redwoods and Ferns and all things green. Also, it tends to keep out the California sunshine types who "hate the rain."

Alas, it has only two real stores: a general store (with food) and a sort of hardware store. The nearest public library is some ten miles away in Guerneville. Also missing in the Cazadero area are a pharmacy, an auto repair shop and many other types of retail shops. So I guess that Cazadero is a great "getaway" for those with the need and funds to "get away."






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