The Editor

The San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco, California


To the Editor:

The recent column, "Bush's Mistakes" by Debra Saunders (The Chronicle, July 22) was up to her usual dismal standard. If, as she claims, all of the Bush misstatements about Iraq and its supposed WOMD were "mistakes" then surely it logically follows that the American and British invasion of Iraq would also be a "mistake." Actually, the Bush and Blair case for war was based almost entirely upon premeditated lies, distortions and exaggerations: the Niger uranium purchase, the aluminum tubes, the drones (plywood, that had a range of up to ten (10) miles, gasp), the WOMD, the links to al-Queda, et al, ad nauseum.

Bush has created a shooting gallery for Iraqis in Baghdad and then goes and makes his famous crack, "Bring 'em on." Bush is stuck tight to his Iraqi tar-baby and for him there is no way out. Bush may have been able to lie his way into Iraq, but there is no way for him to lie his way out of Iraq. The U. S. occupation of Iraq will end the day after Bush and Cheney are removed from office, be it by impeachment and conviction, or by losing the 2004 election.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


22 July 2003