To the Editor:

The absurdly high level of incompetence of the Bush Administration has been clearly revealed by the current flu vaccine fiasco. Bush couldn't even get his story straight about the flu vaccine problems in the third Presidential debate. He claimed that the flu vaccine was made by a British pharmaceutical manufacturing corporation and that the FDA had stopped the importation of contaminated flu vaccine. Wrong on both counts. The flu vaccine was made at a plant in Liverpool, England that is owned by the American Chiron Corporation, which is based in Emeryville, California. The British government's own Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency had stopped the export of the contaminated flu vaccine to the United States, not the FDA.

Perhaps under the new Kerry Administration, the United States federal government can make our own flu vaccine for Americans without outsourcing it to corporate overseas locations. Since national public opinion polls show that seventy percent (70%) of Americans now favor a single-payer universal health insurance plan, the new Kerry Administration can help create universal health care in this country. It is high time to take corporate greed out of our health care system and out of our pharmaceutical drug production.

Yours truly,

James K. Sayre

16 October 2004




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