The Extreme Right-wing Bush crap and baloney of the day

by James K. Sayre

22 February 2004

A somewhat jaundiced progressive view of stories, articles and headlines seen in today's Sacramento Bee:



1. "Bremer: Iraq not ready to vote." Actually, Bush and his military occupiers of Iraq are not yet ready to allow the Iraqis to vote out the U. S. aggressors out of their country.

2. "Voters can get ready for an uncivil war." Actually, Bush & Company have already lost the November 2004 elections. All their lies, smears, distortions and general unpleasantness are coming back to haunt them. Bush and the GOP will be voted out handily: the Republicans will lose the Presidency and control of both the House and the Senate, in a strong Democratic sweep. The domestic economy is stagnant as far as the jobs situation goes. Thousands of good American jobs are being outsourced to low-wage countries such as Mexico, China and India under awful one-sided "free trade" agreements. Only the greedy large corporations are making out.

The Bush Iraq invasion has gone from a predicted cakewalk to an endless quagmire with Bush stuck to his Iraqi tarbaby until his term ends in Jan. 05.


3. "Texas abortion foes target Girl Scouts' cookie sales." There they go again. The virulent extreme right-wing anti-sex crusaders in Texas have gone much too far this time...


4. "Officials regret altering of report." Bush Administration officials have been caught fudging a report to lessen the large racial and ethnic disparities in health care. What these Bush officials really regret is that they were caught lying again. What a surprise...

PAGE 12:

5. "Election: Bush wary of repeating '92 errors (continued from Page one). Hmm. Actually, Bush 2 will top Bush 1, easily, in terms of arrogance and stupidity and corruption. Hands down. And he will be easily defeated.




1. "Drilling Looms in the last wild places." The Bush Administration's hatred and fear of nature and wilderness is evidenced by their mad desire to place oil rigs and mining shafts on every last bit of natural land remaining in the U. S. A.


2. "Drudging up rumors on Kerry: A new low in skuldrudgery." The Drudge Report on the Internet was used to smear President Bill Clinton and now it will by used by the right-wing to attack Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry. Anything goes for the Bush clique, from stealing the Florida election in 2000 to their coming dirty tricks in the 2004 elections.