The Brownie box camera and my tiny bird pictures.

by James K. Sayre

In 5th grade, I got a simple Brownie box camera: just aim and click, and shoot. Unfortunately, the resulting bird photographs had a tiny black speck, which was the bird. My bird pictures became sort of a family joke: find the bird... I did get one nice black-and-white picture of an Opossum in a bare tree in the winter.

In 8th grade, I bought a spiffy new metal-cased 35mm camera, with many different settings for distance, shutter speed and lens openings. It was very well built. I also had purchased a separate light meter and range finder. The resulting color photographs were often of excellent quality. I even took a set of very mild cheesecake photos of Donna Burns, the cute brunette girl that I had a crush on over several years, and sometimes took to the moves.




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