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Agrimony, Chinese - Agrimonia pilosa - family: Rosaceae (Rose Family).

This rhizome-based perennial member of the Rose family has been used as an herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine for several centuries. It grows to about three feet high. It has toothed dark green leaves and produces terminal spikes (racemes) of small yellow flowers. Traditional Chinese folk use of its leaves as a remedy for diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal parasites and for menstrual flow control. Traditional Asian folk use of leaves as an internal remedy for nosebleeds.Leaves also traditionally used in a poultice for boils. Traditional Chinese folk use of its leaves, fruits, roots and stems as a remedy for internal bleeding, kidney stones and sore throats. Note: do not use if suffering from constipation.Note: do not use for more than two weeks to avoid buildup of toxicity. The flowers have been used as a source of yellow dye. Native to eastern Asia.



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