Bush crowns himself King.

by James K. Sayre

Bush crowns himself King. Bush and his illegitimate administration have long acted with imperial arrogance in both domestic and foreign affairs. Soon after stealing the 2000 Presidential Election by having five partisan right wing Republican "justices" manufacture a supreme injustice by halting the legitimate Florida vote recount with a grotesque absurd convoluted one-time-only ruling, Bush began tearing up international treaties and launching his go-it-alone foreign policy. Domestically, Bush and the GOP electronically rigged and hacked some 2002 Senate elections miscounted on Diebold "voting machines" to create a Republican "majority" in the Senate. The 2004 Presidential election was also hacked rigged and stolen electronically by scores of criminal Bush/GOP operatives on Election Night. (See my widely-distributed "Another Stolen Election" essay for details.) (Also, see the fine book published in 2001 by Greg Palast, The Best Democracy that Money can Buy, that details how Bush & Co. stole the 2000 election in Florida).

Arrogance is the last refuge of the insecure, incompetent and unwise rulers. Bush has been living in his fascist bubble for five years now and he is almost completely disconnected from reality. At least the reality perceived by millions and millions of Americans who see that the Bush GOP has presided over the worst most corrupt, most incompetent regime in the history of our American republic. Bush's arrogant action in ordering illegal NSA wiretaps on American citizens is a violation of his sworn Oath of Office to Defend and Protect the Constitution and thus is grounds for immediate impeachment, trial, conviction and removal from Office.

America has not been ruled by a King George since 1775, some two-hundred and thirty years ago. We are not going to start now, Mr. Bush. Stealing two Presidential elections does not make you King, Mr. Bush. Starting a dirty little illegal criminal war of terror on the Iraqi people does not make you King, Mr. Bush. Overthrowing the democracy in Haiti in 2004 and replacing President Aristide with some death-squad leaders does not make you King, Mr. Bush. Trying to destroy our Social Security system does not make you King, Mr. Bush.


18 December 2005.





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