Bush maybe OK as a BBQ guest, but keep him away from guns, gas chambers and gunsights.


Ms. Debra Lo Guercio, Editor

The Winters Express

312 Railroad Avenue

Winters, CA 95694



To the Editor:

I was quite surprised to read the defeatist tone of your editorial of January 29th in which you envisioned the various Presidential candidates as guests at your weekend barbecue. You then suggested that somehow Bush would be returned for another term.

I beg to disagree. I believe that George Bush will have a very tough time in the coming November Presidential election. He has truly abysmal record in many areas: the domestic economy has been stagnant for three years, regardless of the endless cheerleading by professional economists and Administration officials. Over two million jobs have been lost since Bush took office. Our traditional manufacturing jobs have gone to Mexico and China. Now our professional technical jobs are being "outsourced" to India and other low-wage countries. Bush has done nothing about these problems except to grant favors to and cut taxes of his wealthy corporate friends. The federal budget deficit is growing rapidly under Bush and is becoming a serious problem with no end in sight for mounting deficits.

The so-called war on terrorism has been distracted with the needless invasion of Iraq. The people of Iraq obviously do not want to be in a corporate crown colony of Halliburton and Bechtel corporations. Bush lied repeatedly about WMD and imminent threats to U. S. security to con the U. S. Congress and the American people to go along with his neo-colonial fantasy of remaking Iraq. Now our occupation of Iraq is an endless quagmire with no easy exit. And now Bush wants to basically open our southern border with Mexico and let in millions of illegal aliens under a revised bracero program. So much for security...

Also, Bush has been attacking our civil liberties and our Constitutional rights for no good reason. Increasing environmental degradation is also high on the list of Bush failures. I would suggest that the Democratic Presidential candidate, either Senator John Kerry or Senator John Edwards will easily beat the clueless hapless out-of-touch Bush.

I suppose that Bush might be pleasant company at a BBQ, just as long as he wasn't in a position of authority and is carefully kept away from guns, gas chambers and bombing sights.

Yours truly,

James K. Sayre

2 February 2004