Al Sharpton calls Bush an unconscious liar


To the Editor:

In your reporting of the recent Wisconsin Democratic Candidates debate, which was broadcast live on MSNBC on Sunday, February 15th, you managed to omit any coverage of the high points of the evening's discussions which occurred when a panel member asked Representative Dennis Kucinich if Bush had lied about Iraq? Kucinich said yes, Bush had lied about Iraq and his answer was received with enthusiastic applause. Reverend Al Sharpton amplified Kucinich's comments and discussed whether Bush was a conscious liar or an unconscious liar. This crack brought down the house with wild prolonged cheering. Sharpton then opined that if Bush was an unconscious liar, that we were really in trouble...

I find it disturbing that a major newspaper can pretend to be reporting the news in a forthright honest manner and yet manage to omit the high points of a Democratic primary debate.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


16 February 2004