Six weeks of Cub Scouting in Third Grade

by James K. Sayre

What would interest an eight-year old boy in joining the Cub Scouts? I guess that I thought that their manual or handbook was very interesting: woodlore, patriotic lore and various badges and awards for doing things. I went to a few meetings that were held weekly in the evening at a house a few blocks away. There were a couple of adult men there, along with a few boys about my age. The Scout meeting room had flags and signs and other scouty-stuff. I balked at participating in some skit that was to be performed on the small stage. I did complete one small physical activity: I successfully straddled-hopped over a low fence. Big deal. After six weeks, I quit going to the Cub Scout meetings. I guess that I had "other fish to fry" or maybe I was just tired of going to meetings. Memories of ancient childhood events can be a little dim a half a century later, to say the least.



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